Florence Dragon Lady: who we are?

Their ages range from 35 to 80, but these ladies have one thing in common: they are all breast cancer survivors BCS. Having won the race of their lives, they are now channalling their energy and determination into this strenuous sport, and spreading the message that even after breast cancer, life can be active, fulfilling and fun.

Florence Dragon Ladies was launched in February 2006 by the Florentine section of the Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori Lilt, in conjunction with the city rowing club, the Società Canottieri Comunali Firenze. Since then, the team has been training twice a week and has taken part in numerous races and events.

Dragon boat racing is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world. The boat itself, which takes its name from the dragon head and tail decorations on the original Chinese crafts, is an open craft powered by up to 20 long-handled paddles and a steering paddle at the stern. The pace is dictated by the beat of a drum fitted in the bows.

If you belong to a breast cancer survivors team and you are visiting Florence, we are always very happy to receive you and practice together, please contact us at info@florence-dragonlady.it

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